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MEDIAL | v5 Feature List

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

v5 is here! See below for a comprehensive list of New Features and Enhancements that have been added. Check out some our video content below as well to see the new features in more detail

Stunning new User Interface

Completely customisable in terms of color scheme and branding of amazing new look and feel brings MEDIAL bang up to date with current responsive web design. Out of the box we offer a light and dark look and feel. Dark is featured here

Responsive Playback Page

Adopting the responsive design from the main

MEDIAL UI - our playback page is also completely

responsive whether you are streaming Live or On Demand video content. A tab based system below

the player to show the related content or assets has

also been introduced to increase usability

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

Video on Demand and Live Content can now stream at a quality applicable to the users connection speed and also adapt to fluctuations in the users connectivity. Users can also force the player to stream at a lower rate should they wish

Adjustable Playback Speed

Today's Teachers, and especially Students, have

limited time and attention spans. They are also comfortable with watching back content at double speed to save time. Some also require content at slower speeds to increase comprehension - the

player provides both

MEDIALecture - Screen Capture

Our customers have been requesting for a long time to provide their users with a means of creating content within MEDIAL. v5 of MEDIAL also sees the introduction of MEDIALecture which allows capture of screen, webcam, voice or a combination of all three. Available as an affordable site license - it also possible to deploy it to multiple machines via our customisable MSI

MEDIALive Event Workflow

Take more control of your Live events, whether you want a professional workflow start to finish including pre and post role videos or ad hoc live recording

at a time that suits the user, the MEDIALive app

with admin emailing to auto populate the required settings makes it easy for all users of any skill set

Other Features and Enhancements

Public and Private Chaptering:

Allows efficient directional learning for tutors setting assignments and learners privately revising or sharing information

Improved Encoding Performance and Control:

Admins can take more control of the resolution and number of encoded copies produced. The highest quality version is encoded first, making your videos available on average 60% faster

Group Permissioning

Allows admin to have easy control of group permissions

MEDIALive features

one click publishing, auto archive and protect, streams to all devices, using any encoder, schedule for availability and simulcast to Facebook and YouTube

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