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Instantly upload screen capture videos to your Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas LMS for users to access anytime, anywhere.

Lecturers and Students need quick and easy ways to capture and upload content. MEDIALecture gives you the flexibility to record your screen, webcam, and voice on any computer, and instantly upload via MEDIAL to your Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas LMS.


MEDIALecture can be used as a personal capture tool on your personal computer, or has the flexibility to be deployed onto managed Windows computers for classroom, lab or auditorium.

moodle video plugin
Capture Screen,
Webcam & Voice

Record your screen, webcam and voice on your personal computer, or deploy MEDIALecture onto managed Windows computers in the classroom, lab or auditorium.

moodle video assignment plugin
Trim, Edit, Add
Titles & Credits 

Easily edit video and audio, trim the start and finish, cut out that cough in the middle, add some titles and credits, and simply apply the changes. 


Once you’re done, simply upload.  Because we transcode as you record, there is no wait time for your presentation to be available to your students.

moodle video plugin grade book
Easily Publish
to your LMS

MEDIALecture publishes into your teacher's personal category which they can access through Blackboard, Moodle or Canvas.